Are You Willing to Receive Gratitude and Success? “I have a friend who has a clothing shop in Queensland, Australia. She is amazing at what she can do with people, their clothes and their bodies. She knows exactly what her customers require to look and feel beautiful, and she makes them feel absolutely wonderful with the clothes she picks out for them. My friend is a beautiful, tall woman. She has a great body and she wears wonderful clothes. Her gifts were so apparent to me and to many others, yet she was not willing to have people acknowledge her. She was very shy and seemed to hide who she truly was. One day I asked her, “Why don’t we mention your shop and tell the people in my class about what you do?” She crossed her hands, put her head down and said, “Oh no, I couldn’t get up in front of the class and do that.” She couldn’t receive it. She found it so easy to do what she does that she couldn’t see its value and receive others’ acknowledgments and gratitude. Since she has been using the tools of Access Consciousness, her willingness to receive has increased dramatically. She now has two shops and has started her own clothing label. She also does personal styling for people all over the world. She has stepped into a lot of success because she’s now willing to receive it! Are you at all like my friend? Do you fully receive the thank you’s and expressions of appreciation that people give you? Are you willing to receive the gratitude that people have for you and your business—or do you run away from it? Are you willing to receive fame? Are you truly willing to receive success?” Excerpt from The Joy of Business by Simone Milasas.  If being willing to receive is something you’d like to know more about, you can buy The Joy of Business at

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Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and Beyonds®.

What else is possible?

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Who does it belong to?

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