Why you can – and should – add more to your plate

Why you can – and should – add more to your plate

As Featured in Inside Small Business:

Most advice in the workplace right now is pointing towards minimalism – cut down your obligations, simplify your systems, don’t say yes to new projects, take time off and basically do less!

This may reduce the number of events, to-dos and overwhelming emails exchanges, however, it leaves staff doing repetitive tasks over and over with no variety, completing deadlines on time and having a relatively safe and boring business.

Sounds great on paper – very stable and secure – but what about the people? Do your staff thrive on regularity, unchallenging work and simple well-spaced deadlines? Or do they thrive on the challenge of something new, excitement of an approaching deadline or fresh lease of life something done different can add?

Being busy is not a terrible thing if it’s full of the right elements. If you are busy doing menial tasks that don’t head in the direction you’re looking for long term, it’s time to follow the minimalism advice and change what you are filling up your day-to-day life with.


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