The Unusual Way I Got Out of $187,000 Worth Of Debt

The Unusual Way I Got Out of $187,000 Worth Of Debt

As Featured in Thrive Gobal Journal:

They’re not exactly conventional strategies, but here’s how to out of debt – joyfully.

I was $187,000 in debt with nothing to show for it. In this situation logic would say stop spending, start saving. Logic would say have a look at your expenses and cut back, get rid of everything that is not a necessity. Logic would say before you can do anything fun, you must get out of debt; take on another job, work more hours; that’s what logic would say.

I didn’t listen to logic. I didn’t do what logic would say. I chose to function in an entirely different way and that choice allowed me to start making money and change my financial situation within two years.

If you would like to change your financial reality, here are five tools that you can use to do just that. This isn’t a quick-fix solution. But if you are willing to commit to your life, commit to the financial reality you desire and take action, change is possible.




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