How to sail through even the busiest day

How to sail through even the busiest day

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“When I was in London at one point, years ago, I got a job through a temp agency. The agent only had one job available and I was over qualified for it. But as I had very little money, I grabbed it without hesitation.

The job was to stuff invoices into envelopes for three days, very easy. I went to the office at 9:30 in the morning and got to work, grateful to be earning money. I can’t recall how many envelopes were involved, but I finished the job in a day and a half.

The woman who was paying me said, “Let me give you a hint. If I hire you for three days, take three days. I can only pay you for one-and-a-half days.”

In reality, every one of us works at a different pace. But from our school days we have been taught to slow ourselves down to the lowest common denominator to avoid being a show-off. If you have always been quick at picking up things, don’t dismiss your capacities, or hide them so that you fit in with everyone around you. Use all your natural abilities to your advantage.”


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