Lose the Labels

Lose the Labels

As Featured in WE Magazine for Women:

The labels we are given (or adopt) throughout life are useful to some degree – there are times when it is necessary for others to know that you are a mother, grandmother, wife, corporate executive, entrepreneur, student, and so on. However, the greatest challenge many women face with labels is that these categorizations have become entwined with ultimate self-identity. The words that are there to describe us have become words that define us.

In order to create the life you deserve – an amazing life, full of possibility and fun – it is vitally important to become aware of the limitations labels can have on your life, your self-worth and your ability to choose greater possibilities for yourself.

For example, some years ago, a company where I was employed began advertising for a top executive role. In my mind, I came to a conclusion about the expectations of the job and how it would cause me to spend more time away from my children. For me, the label of “top executive” clashed with the label of “loving mother,” so I didn’t even think about applying. It wasn’t until a friend pointed out that I was already doing the work of the advertised job and it wouldn’t demand anything extra of me, that I realized I was perfectly suited for the role.


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