How Making Money Can Be A Part Of Your (Love) Story

How Making Money Can Be A Part Of Your (Love) Story

As Featured in Positivity Daily:

Most people would like more wealth and money in life. At the same time, many would argue that the price of getting there is too high. The many limitations, unwritten rules and prejudices around money—as well as the constant judgment from others—often keep us from making the most of what we do. Luckily, that’s something we can work on. 

What you want to do is shift focus from minor obstacles to great possibilities. To begin, start asking yourself the right questions to clear your mindset when it comes to money. Are my points of view really mine or someone else’s? Society has a strong hold on us and the way we perceive things around us. To change this we need to step back from mainstream perceptions. Doing so requires you to step out of your comfort zone and to seize every opportunity, which takes a lot of courage, but the end reward is worth it.

Here are 4 tips to help you start loving every second of what you do (while inviting money to join the party):

1  Be the Boss of Your Biz

To have someone else’s will as your own is simply a waste of your time. When you start doing things your way, the way you love for them to be, your journey towards money and success will be so much more joyful. Sure, you can deliver and get paid anyway, but if there’s no heart involved, then there’s really not much meaning to it.


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