Getting Out of Debt Joyfully

Getting Out of Debt Joyfully

As Featured on Inside Small Business:

Most of us have created debt and struggled with money at some point – whether it is finding ways to make money, spending too much money, or never having enough.

The points of view we are taught to have around money, the lack of a joyful relationship with money, as well as a deficit of pragmatic tools to easily change finances from any starting-point, keep us in unnecessary debt and money problems.

For one, I once had $187,000 in personal debt and avoiding awareness of my finances, until I attended a money class run by the founder of Access Consciousness, the company for whom I am now worldwide coordinator.

I got out of debt within two years, but went almost immediately back into it. I realised I had become comfortable with it and would have to change the energy with which I viewed money if I wished to permanently change my financial world.


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