5 Unsuspecting Ways to Have a Stellar Relationship

5 Unsuspecting Ways to Have a Stellar Relationship

As Featured in WE Magazine for Women:

Seven years ago, I met an amazing man. It was an idyllic setting: a tantra retreat in the Caribbean, love at first sight, yada, yada. We knew very quickly that we wanted to be together and had a sense it would become a long-term thing. There was one tiny problem: we lived in different states, had 5 children between the two of us, and neither one of us could imagine moving.

We spent the first year or so trying to craft that perfect life together, where one of us would move, we would live together, our kids would be step-siblings, and it would all be great. That was the least fun time in our relationship.

Over time, we began to realize that we were actually seeking everybody else’s ideals of a great relationship. We never really asked the question of what we would actually like to create. Once we started looking at that, and getting real with ourselves, our relationship became and continued to become consistently greater. And, nobody has moved or even has plans to!

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