The official launch of the Joy of Business book was held in Portland, Oregon in August 2012.  We had a great time exploring the Joy of Business… here’s a taster to whet your appetite!

“What my target is with the Joy of Business is for you to get clear on what it is that you would like to create.  Because I see business as one of the most creative things in the world and  as it says on the cover “what if business is the adventure of living?”  That’s truly where I live from. 

When I met Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness™, I had been involved in quite a few different businesses and had been very successful.  And then I destroyed them because for me it was always about creating business, it wasn’t actually about maintaining it.  And then finally I was like, “I don’t have to destroy a business to start another one?”. 

I always thought I was insane with the way I looked at business, with the way I wanted to run a business and the way I wanted to create a business and after I met Gary Douglas I realized that I wasn’t insane and that’s the one thing that I have got feedback on from the people who have read my book or listened to the audio is that they realized that what you know can actually create a phenomenal business. 

It’s not the rules and regulations of this reality.  It’s not what the industry standard does.  It’s not what somebody tells you.  It’s not what you learnt at school, it’s not what you learnt at college.  You can take all of those pieces of information and follow what you know.  Because what you know will actually create something different and create the phenomenal business that you can actually have.”

Simone Milasas ~ Author, Joy of Business

You can buy the book or audio book here if you’d like to play with a totally new way of having joy in business!

All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory®

Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and Beyonds®.

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What contribution can you be?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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