A lot of limiting mindsets around making money exist today, especially in business. One of the biggest issues is making money the significant or primary priority in business – how often does a business gauge its success by the financial bottom line?  And how many people calibrate the amount of success they have in life and in business by that amount of money they have in the bank?

Success and creating money are actually two different things.  I know I am a success when one person has changed because of what I do and be in the world.  For those of us who really get the most enjoyment out of the change we make in the world, money isn’t important, and we often will give away out products and services for free when we see that someone really ‘gets’ it!  But, we have to be willing to receive the money too!  And that can take practice.

I always did business for the fun of it, and it wasn’t until I was $187,000 in debt that I stopped and had a look at what I was really doing with not allowing myself to make more money.  I realised that if I allowed my business to also be profitable, it would be much easier to create more and have a greater impact in the world!

It’s true that a lot of big business focus solely on the profit margin.  Ultimately these business cannot succeed in the long run, because the will often focus on excluding and limiting parts of the business to ‘cut costs’ rather than looking at what they could do to maximize other possibilities in their business, that would create more for the business in the short and the long term.

In this day and age, with such a rapidly changing world, businesses cannot afford to look only at maximizing profit without also looking at maximizing possibilities.

And those of us who desire to see a better world, to see our planet thrive, cannot afford to avoid or exclude the component of maximizing profit and generating money in their efforts to maximize possibilities.  If you are willing to give up your points of view of money being difficult or challenging or hard to come by, and begin to ask more questions with your business, so much more can show up!

You must give up the idea that desiring profit and money makes you like the ‘big bad businesses’ out there.  It isn’t the money that makes them ‘bad’, it’s their unwillingness to consider that business as a creative, joyful way of creating more possibilities on the planet, and not just more money.

Creating lots of money and creating possibilities in business are not exclusive – they go hand in hand in magical ways.

The advice I would give to anyone in business looking to go beyond their current limiting points of view with money, would be:

  1. What’s your point of view about making money with your business?  Have you decided it’s hard?  Your point of view creates your reality – catch yourself when you come to conclusion or judgment, and instead ask a question like “What else is possible here that I haven’t considered?”
  2. Ask questions every day.  “Where else could we create money or new revenue streams easily that we hadn’t considered?” Money is everywhere and it’s easily accessible, if you are willing and open to receive it being that easy!  Keep looking for the possibilities, and don’t give up.

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