Business for me was never about how much money I could make.  It was always about how much fun could I have? And what else could I create and generate?  I was the national sales manager in this business doing sales all around Australia and I was earning really good money and it was great and I started to get bored. How many of you get bored with what you are doing and instead of actually choosing something different you just get bored with what you are doing and stay in it?  So if you are bored, please ask some more questions.  I eventually went to the guy that owned the business and he looked at me and he goes “you’re leaving aren’t you?” and I went “yeah, I think so”. And he was like “look you’ve got nowhere else to go here.  The only thing I can do is offer you part of the company and I haven’t even done that to my kids” and I was like “yeah, I get it” and he was like “when do you want to leave?” and so I left and went travelling to India and a whole lot of other places. I would like you to recognize when you get bored for another reason too.  I became very successful at about four different businesses and as soon as I became successful, I got bored and I destroyed them. So how many of you have destroyed a successful business rather than either (a) selling it or (b) keeping it and having more than one business. You are allowed to have as many businesses as you like!  You can actually work with people.  Get other people to work with you.  Get systems to work for you whatever it is that will make it work!  But please don’t destroy something you’ve got that is incredibly successful.

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