My dad was from the generation that believed in getting a good, safe job, like in a bank, and sticking with it forever. I know I am not the only one who has had that projected at them by family and friends. After the first time I travelled overseas, everyone expected me to settle down, keep a job, get married and so on. To me, that was boring beyond belief!

I recently invited to very creative entrepreneurs and business women (and sisters) – Jennifer and Julie Tuton – to talk about their experience of quitting their ‘day jobs’ and going out on their own.

Jennifer and Julie each have their own businesses based on jewellery design and both of them were willing to create beyond the expectations and projections of a lot of people around them. Jennifer relates:

“In some ways [my family] were slightly disappointed we tried to do our own thing, and were kind of waiting for us to fail, that made me really do everything I could to succeed because that was going against all odds. My grandma’s dream was for me to become a bank teller and one a day a man would come in to make a huge cash deposit and ask me to marry him on the spot. Great fantasy huh!”

They also believe that you don’t need anything other than you to start a business: “It’s an adventure – anybody can do it. Just start where you are!”

“I don’t have a degree,” said Julie “I got encouraged by people on the street… people I didn’t know. I just had to be in the question… where do I get a licence? What do I need to know? I knew other people who did have degrees and they never created anything, and I thought I would just wing it and see what happens.”

It’s also about not “throwing the baby out with the bath water.” You don’t have to just suddenly quit your job. You don’t have to quit anything, you can add, you keep adding until it takes so much time that you need to leave that job. That’s being pragmatic too!

I asked Julie and Jennifer “what questions would you give to people who are in mundane jobs and want something different? How could they get out and become the entrepreneur that they truly are?”

They suggest these 3 questions:

What do you love to do?

What is it that you do with ease that you don’t even value?

What gives you energy?

If you are having trouble figuring it out, ask yourself, what did you love doing as a kid that came so easy and gave you energy? How could you use it to create money?

And for those who still worry about leaving the ‘safety’ of their current job? Another insight from Julie and Jennifer: “What is safer than having a business you love? If you were happier, you would be motivated to make more money, be kinder, generate more rather than being locked down from 9-5 and being in a job you hated!”

Listen to the replay of my Omtimes Radio show where Julie and Jennifer share their story and lots more great tools and tips!

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