Hiring a new staff member can be a complex process but hiring the wrong staff member can be even more complicated, emotionally exhausting and expensive!

According to a recent study, a poor hire can go beyond financial costs of lost revenue, wasted salary on poor performance and re-hire fees, with more than half of HR managers citing a loss of productivity as the biggest problem associated with recruiting the wrong person.

Simone Milasas, bestselling author, entrepreneur and founder of Joy of Business, believes hiring the right person can be simple, if you’re willing to change your process.

“Chances are, you’re looking for someone who ticks all the boxes, particularly when it comes to qualifications and experience. And while these things are important, failing to look beyond this can hurt your business,” says Simone.

Simone recommends digging deeper by looking for skills that have been acquired outside of formal training and education. “It’s important to ask yourself, will they add knowledge or skills to the workplace that you don’t have but need to tap into?”

“Most importantly, you need to look at their values and mindset. If they’re values don’t align with, or uphold your brand’s and you find yourself compromising your own to make it work, they’re not the right fit and will only cause future detriment.”

Simone suggests three foolproof steps that can lead to hiring the right staff, that will benefit both you and your business:


1. Hire People Who Know More Than You Do

This is my number one tip when hiring. Look for people who know more than you do and can do what you do even better than you.

Why wouldn’t you hire people who can do things better than you? Having highly competent people working for you, who truly enjoy doing the work that needs to be done, will expand your business.


2. Hire People Who Love Money and Have a Prosperity Mindset

Someone who loves money will create more possibilities for your business because they expect to have money. They may not come from wealthy families, but they will make money for you and for themselves because they desire to create more.

There are people who function from a poverty mindset. Ever met someone who thought there is a limited pool of opportunities — not a playground of possibilities? Don’t hire people who have a poverty mindset. It won’t work if you’re trying to make money, because they will make sure you never make enough money to even pay them.

How do you discover if someone has a prosperity mindset or poverty mindset? Here are two questions I always ask myself before hiring staff:

  • Will this person make the business money now and in the future?
  • Do they love money?

Whenever you ask a question, either you’ll feel a lightness, which usually indicates that it’s true for you, or a heaviness that usually means it’s a lie for you. From there, you will know what to choose for your business.

How do you hire people that add value to your company? Read the full article by Simone Milasas in Australian Women Online here. 


Simone Milasas is the starting point for Joy of Business. Way back when the world was a darker place, Gary Douglas told Simone she needed to start teaching seminars on business because she was the only person he knew that actually loved business.
While everyone was moping with: “Business is hard and just something that you have to do.”
Simone was operating from: “What if we could do this? What can I do today? Where do we get to go and how much fun can I have creating business today?”

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