What have you decided is inconceivable?  Have you decided you are too old or too young for business?  Or to be famous?  Or to create $100,000 a year for yourself?  What about $100,000 a week?  Or, is it totally inconceivable to live in a mansion on the water with a cook, gardener, house cleaner, 16 car garage full with cars, boat, and so on?

How many of you are attempting to think that everything you desire is inconceivable, in order to be normal, average and real, like everybody else?  If you are willing to be inconceivable and undefinable, your choices become easier because you are not functioning from a defined reality of what has to be, or what is projected at you.  

I saw a video of a 90 year old woman heli skiing and enjoying it and loving it, which she thought was so cool!  That’s inconceivable to the majority of people in this reality.  She is living an inconceivable life!  

What if you made the inconceivable, conceivable?  What if you became inconceivable?  What if everything you created, created the energy of being totally inconceivable to others; where people always went, “Wow!  Look at how they’re so different’, or “Their creative capacities are so phenomenal” or “They never judge themselves for anything they make, they just keep choosing”?

You are taught to work out the pros and cons of something, or work out the benefits, yet, if you are being totally inconceivable, you have no doubt, no fear. You are always functioning from question and looking at what else is possible.  What if you knew you could create anything?  

An idea comes from generative energy.  You might not institute it today, but with that generative energy, so much more can be created; the idea comes alive instead of killing it with all the doubt, fear, and limitations.  It is time to start functioning from the unthinkable, the incredible, the implausible, the totally out of the question and the totally being beyond belief.  

Ask, “What else is possible today?”  “What possibilities are available that I have not yet asked for?”  “What possibilities are available that I have not yet instituted?”

But you have to be willing to be judged.  The person with no fixed points of view who is willing for anything to show up, is the most attractive, and the most judged.  And, to be inconceivable, you have to function from no judgement.  Take, for example, if you think you are too old for business.  It’s a judgment.  It’s a projection of yourself and it’s probably a projection that’s been projected at you; it’s this reality’s point of view.  Yet, Colonel Sanders of KFC created his award winning recipe in his 80’s; he never gave up and he never quit.  Did he think it was inconceivable to create a successful business?  Absolutely not.   

The whole point of this ‘being inconceivable’ tool is to give you a greater sense of freedom and stop you being linear in the way that you do business or function with money, or yourself.  

What It Takes To Become Inconceivable

#1.  Practise.  Start by asking, “What would choosing something that is inconceivable be like?” and practise, because you are not taught to be inconceivable in this reality; you are taught to judge your desires.  Practise with little things, like tasting a food you thought you’d never eat, such as frog’s legs, snails, whatever that is for you, with no point of view.  If you are willing to have an inconceivable life and living, you will open it up to more possibilities.  More magic.  More of you.  

#2.  Destroy and Uncreate Everything That Comes Up.  Start to look at what decisions you have made.  Are they yours?  Or did you buy them from your mum and dad, or school mates, or newspaper, or this reality?  Your point of view is what limits you.  If you had no point of view, what would you create?  Would you be inconceivable?  Are you willing for anything to show up?

At the end of every day, ask “What have I made inconceivable today?” and destroy and uncreate it.  

#3.  What would it take to create this?  Rather than instantly squashing your ideas and desires, ask “What would it take to create this?”  And, be the inconceivable with the energy of that question; you can’t go into the figuring it out because all the crushing energy will come down onto your idea, and it’s gone.  

#4.  What Choices Can You Make Now?  When all the crushing energy of doubt and fear comes up and you have all your reasons and justifications for not creating something, stop.  Take a moment.  Do something to be completely present with yourself, such as go for a walk, hug a tree, pour a glass of wine, sit in a chair for a moment, whatever that is for you.  Now ask, “If there was no judgement, no limitation, no conclusion, what would I choose here?” or “If I was being totally inconceivable today, what would I choose?”  And then choose; you have to make the choice.  

People don’t see ‘choice’ as great as it can be.  Every single time you say ‘I don’t have a choice’, you have to stop yourself, because you do have a choice; you have infinite choice.  You chose your life as it currently is, now what would you like to choose?  

It has to be that energy of play; knowing that the magic can show up, knowing that there is a different possibility.  The mantra of Access is ‘all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory’.  What if everything was just easy?  What if that was inconceivable living?

You can listen to the replay of the OM Times Radio Episode – Being Inconceivable With Business & Money HERE.


All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory®

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