85% of people dislike their work. How to refrain from becoming another statistic?

Gallop’s most recent State of the Global Workforce report shows that only 15 percent of people in full time work are engaged and happy. Most of the other 85 per cent are actively looking for a new job. Coach and Joy of Business program facilitator Corinna Kaebel, however, warns unhappy employees to think twice about jumping ship too quickly.

‘It is important to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life and our work is such a big part of our every day,” she says. ‘What many people don’t realise, however, is that your work and workplace can move from feeling wrong to very right once you know how to go within to access and show up with a truer version of yourself.”

Inspired by her own success, finding joy in work she vowed she would never do again, Corinna now teaches everything she knows in a seminar called the Joy of Business. Below, Kaebel shares her top tips on how to re-orientate yourself to find more happiness in your existing job or workplace.


Write down everything you love doing at work

Open yourself up to more positive energy by writing a comprehensive list of anything and everything you enjoy doing at work. Then, figure out if there is a way to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t.


Write down everything you love doing outside of work

Do the same thing for your hobbies and passions outside of the workplace. Pick one or two and start doing them more often. Whether it’s baking cookies or playing a team sport, the fastest way to improve how you feel at work can sometimes be to improve how you feel outside of it.


How can you bring more of YOU into your workplace?

You’re not a robot. You are much bigger than your job alone. Not being seen as a whole person by the people you work with can feed into very low job satisfaction. Realise that you do have a choice around how you show up and figure out how to bring more of the -real you’ to work so you feel more alive.


What can you change that you have always felt you can’t?

Identify what you don’t like about your work or workplace and brainstorm ways to make the experience a better one. It could be suggesting a weekly lunch with co-workers or a physical space for meditation in the office. Whatever your ideas are, speak up and suggest it. Even if they don’t accept or actualise your idea as is, it could open up new possibilities.



Don’t wait to receive recognition from your leaders and bosses. Give yourself the acknowledgement you feel you do deserve. Realise the contribution you make to the organisation, the job or other team members through both your work and as a human being.


Find out more ways to be happier in the job you have in Female.

Corinna Kaebel is a professional interpreter, communicator, coach and mentor. Being fluent in English, German and Russian allows her to travel the globe extensively to teach, coach and interpret. Corinna loves being on the road, exploring new places and working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Her number one goal is to inspire, support and help people to show up with more of themselves in tact and to navigate their own life journey with more ease, grace and glory. Corinna is, among others, a JCF (a Joy of Business facilitator for all class levels) and combines her various qualifications with her language skills to find a unique approach to every person she works with. Find out more about Corinna here.


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