Do you have a creative job or a special commitment that requires great ideas on a regular basis? Sometimes, working around the clock is the only way to make it on time. But wouldn’t you agree that your very best creations often appear when you’re not pulling hair over a crazy deadline?


When it comes to creation, there is no right or wrong, no magic recipe or how to-manual. If you love to create under extreme pressure, then good for you – just keep it up! However, it’s more common to feel that obligations only choke our creativity. To create and deliver becomes a burden, when it’s supposed to be joyful.

A creative soul will increase your sales.

Most of us access our creativity with ease when we’re in a state of relaxation. And with a greater sense of creativity comes progress, both when it comes to our souls and our sales. Does it sound obvious? Then why do so many people still build their reality around the demands and expectations of others? It just doesn’t make sense.

To find out how a creative soul will increase your sales read Katarina Nilssons here in Kochies Business Builders.  


Katarina Nilsson is a coach with an ICF diploma, a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and a certified Joy of Business facilitator. She is an entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience as a naming expert and strategist. Through her business, Eqvarium, she has helped create names for some of the world’s most recognisable brands such as Sony Ericsson, H&M, Toyota, Electrolux and BabyBjörn. Katarina is also an artist and offers her paintings, creative workshops, lectures and coaching to clients all over the world. Visit Katarina Nilsson Artwork to view her art and for more information.


To find out more about Katarina and where to find her workshops go here.


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