Have you ever had a situation with money that sent you into total panic?  A recent travel “adventure” cost us an unexpected $4000… and we didn’t panic or get scared!  In fact, it was fine… because we are willing to have an intimacy with money where we know we can always create more!

If you would like to know more about how you can go beyond the fear of money, beyond the secrets around money that are keeping you from having all the money you would like, and beyond all the blame, shame, regret and guilt that you have around money, this is the show for you!

In my new Blog Talk Radio series we’ve been talking about money  – a lot!

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What have you decided that money is, that it isn’t that keeps you from creating more money than God?  If you are willing to start changing your decisions around what money is and isn’t you may just find a whole lot more money starts showing up!

What if having money isn’t wrong?  What if you could have an intimate joy around money instead of fear?  I invite you to listen to the show above to get started with changing how cosy you are willing to get with your money!

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