Recently, a woman didn’t think she should attend one of my Joy of Business seminars. She said, “I’m just a stay-at-home mom. I don’t have a business so I don’t think I should come to your class.” The truth is your life is your business. And business is about creating your life.  And when it comes to your life, are you committed to your life? Or do you secretly have the back door open? What would it be like to fully commit to your life and the business of your life?

To have your life and your reality you must make the choice and the demand to commit to your life. Most people commit themselves to others, they commit to doing things, but committing to your life is a whole different universe. It’s this place where you begin to realize that what you are and what you can be and what you can create is you as the gift.

If you’re willing to ask: What gift am I to business and to the creation of business, a whole world of possibilities can show up. And what gift is my business to me, my life and the world? When you ask this you begin to receive the contribution your life and business can be to you.

Most people are living their lives with their back door open. People are doing this in business as well, they’re looking for what they can do, what they can choose in order to leave themselves. The reason people don’t commit to their lives is because they’re more committed to leaving or to giving up all together.

In business we leave the back door open so that when things are not showing up as we would like (we don’t have enough clients, our revenue flows are slow, etc.) we judge that our business, or worse, we are a failure and that nothing is working, therefore we can quit. When we decide we can quit we kill the future possibilities of our business. Is this what you desire?

What have you made so vital about the commitment to leaving and to threat of leaving that keeps you from the joy of committing to your life? (Gary)

What if there is a different possibility for you and your business? If you are willing to lose your business, if you willing to not need it, and allow it to be a contribution and let others in and let them create it, you begin to step into creating your business as you and from your reality. Paradoxically, you are also committing to your business.

When you begin to feel like nothing is working in your business in spite of all that you’ve put into it, you may be overlooking what is truly occurring. Would you be willing to let go of your points of view and ideas of how things are supposed to look and be in your business and the timeline of when this is supposed to happen?

Our point of view creates our reality, so if you’re looking at how things are not working then that’s all you’re going to see. Is there anywhere that you have not acknowledged what you have created now and in the future? Ask this question and see if it gives you a different perspective.

Ask this every morning: If I were truly creating me and my life and living today, what would I choose right away? This is your life and your life is your business, what would you truly like to be creating? And what if your creations are the gift the world requires now?

By Libby Myers, Inspired by Simone Milasas & Gary Douglas

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What else is possible?

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What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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