Guest Blog by Rebecca Hulse

Have you ever wondered why something that looked so great flopped so much or why something that you did on a whim with no expectation worked out so well?

It’s the difference between possibility and opportunity.

This is not an exact or definitive science, it’s not a set criterion or qualification that defines something is either a possibility or an opportunity – it’s almost the opposite and it changes over time. What if it was more about getting clear on what possibility and opportunity were for you and your own knowing?

I can only speak what’s true for me and invite you to find out yours. What I’ve found out so far through my own questioning and through listening to the phenomenal people in my life like Simone Milasas and Gary Douglas, is that opportunities look bright and shiny – they tick off all the boxes, but when you look into them there’s a superficial edge like a shop window front with nothing in the store.

Possibilities often don’t seem much like but there’s a recognizable energy behind them that gets more and more palpable – it’s the energy of possibilities.

Now, I definitely did not go “Oh, you can sense the energy of possibility of this one.” And “This is a farce – it’s an opportunity.” right from the beginning. It’s a process of awareness, which is why we have brilliant tools like questions and our own awareness to help us out. Phew!

As a glamour seeking bright shiny object addict, I definitely have been hooked by more than one bright shiny opportunity that hasn’t exactly gone to plan. While there’s an excitement and perfectionism to opportunities – they never quite turned out like they said they would. Have you had one of those moments in your life or business?

Possibilities on the other hand, get better and better as they turn up! Like working for the Joy of Business team, Simone didn’t hire me for a specific job position or tasks, she hired me for what I knew and could do – and to this moment we’re still adding and fine-tuning the details. However the possibilities have grown for us all from the choice.

There is more we can create, there’s a new energy in the company, there’s different ideas flowing and for me personally – my creativity and idea generation is growing by the minute!

So how can you start to tell the difference between possibility and opportunity? Questions!

Here’s the ones I’m currently asking to get clarity between the two – this is by no means a definitive list, so add your own and I personally would love to see your additions in the comments.

What will my life be like in five years if I choose this?
What will be my life like in five years if I don’t choose this?
If the energy expands when you ask these questions – that is what is true for you. What’s true will always make you feel lighter (and it can be different for everyone!)

Is this an opportunity or possibility?
Sometimes we overcomplicate things, get a sense of your knowing with asking a straightforward question!

Will this expand my life and business?
Possibilities expand, opportunities contract.

What will the present, the future and the world be like if I choose this?
For more of a world changing vibe… (this also starts getting you to acknowledge how much your choices change the world! 😉

Where could you go from here with this starter list of questions and a new awareness about possibilities VS opportunities? I wonder what you know about this that you haven’t considered yet?

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What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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