Your life is your business, your business is your life.  That is what I always say when people ask me what business is.  

This is your life, are you living it? What if you woke up everyday and hit the ground running? What would life be like if you were actually creating the life you always wished for but never actually took the action required to create it?

If you wake up in the morning and their is blood running through your veins you are in business.  Is now the time to create the business and life you have always been asking for?


Would you like to know more of what else is possible with Joy Of Business?  Watch here.



“I grew up with the question of ‘Imagine what you would do if you knew you could not fail?’ To me you cannot fail, failure is just the start of something new.” Says Simone. Simone has always believed that anything is possible and desired to inspire people to choose everything they could. “True leadership is knowing where you are heading and not allowing anyone to stop you. You have to know what you wish to create and business is one of the greatest ways to make that possible.

To find out more about Simone Milasas and where you can join her live in class or online you can go here for her upcoming classes.


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