Was it light when you asked yourself if you are a creator? Is this one of your main capacities? Or perhaps you know a phenomenal creator or want to hire one for your business – how can you use creators to your and your businesses advantage?

If you’re not sure what a creator is; a creator is always looking for what’s possible. Quite often, they are the dreamers – the visionaries. They are the ones who come up with the ideas. They are looking for the energy of what to generate in life. Creators are the people who have a million ideas of “What’s possible? What can I contribute? What can I do?”

You can use a creator in your business to help it expand beyond where it’s ever been before. I wonder what phenomenal ideas the creator in your business has, that would propel your business totally beyond this reality?

Creators can move fast and often they will doubt and judge that they actually create anything. Does judgment leave any space for possibility or greatness? Or does it create a limited universe? If you’re a creator for what reason would you limit your amazing creative idea capacities?

If you have a creator in your business – what invitation can you be to possibility rather than the wrongness of them? A lot of the time nothing comes to fruition because they don’t have the movers and the connectors in their business and in their ideas.
For every idea a creator has ask “Is this for now or the future?” and write it down in your ideas book. One of the greatest sadnesses I see is creators being judged for not being stable – funnily enough though, after judging creators someone will say “That’s a great idea! You could do this and this and this!” and they often don’t get paid for their ideas.

What if your ideas book was the greatest value? What if you could get paid for it? What if, before you go to bed ask your possibility book – “Which one of you ideas can come to fruition today?” and “Which idea is for the future?” and “Who or what else would I have to add to each one of these ideas?”

How can you use Creators to your and your businesses advantage? What would it take for a phenomenal creator to come into your business? Or as a creator what would it take to get paid for your ideas? In the next post we’ll talk about connectors but until then tell me your brilliant creator ideas and stories here or on facebook!

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What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What contribution can you be?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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