One thing I definitely have learned from creating so many different businesses and projects over the years is that you have to be willing to allow your business to change. You have to be willing to lose it, and you also have to be willing to never give up either! Some things can show up quickly, and some things don’t.

Years ago, a colleague and I created this Access Consciousness Camp for Kids. We had all these great ideas, we got all of it sorted and then when it came down to it, we had no kids! Fortunately, one thing we didn’t do was kill the future possibility for the project by deciding we had failed or did something wrong. Instead, we asked – what else is possible, what else can we create?

We keep getting requests from people to create a different way with schools where we could use the Access tools in kids’ education.

Next, we opened up a school in Queensland, Australia. There were horses and vegetable gardens, kangaroos, it was a great Aussie school! After a few months, we realised a lot of the kids were travelling a long way to get to the school – up to 90 minutes each way, which wasn’t really working for the kids or the parents. We closed the school down, still asking questions. We didn’t give up – there were kids all over the world going “I wish I lived in Queensland and I wish I could go to that school!”

So the next thing we looked at was – what if we had an online school?

Anne Maxwell picked the ball up on this project. She started creating the school. And with so many aspects involved, it was clear she would need to add people to get the school going.

I invited Anne onto my radio show, along with Diva Diaz, Sylvia Puentes, Adelle King, and Christine DiDomenico – who are part of the Access Possibilities School, either as teachers or behind the scenes, to talk about their insights on creating, changing and expanding the project.

I asked Anne about how she went about creating the team to work at the school.

“I asked questions. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride… you hit something and stuff comes up and it’s not always total ease and you just keep on asking questions and keep on moving. Life is like quicksand, and when you stop moving that’s when you get stuck and start sinking! When you keep asking questions and keep moving, everything changes, and that’s what we did” 

“We have the most amazing and different people involved… what we are separately is exponentialised when we get together!”

With creating a team, as with a business, you can’t go to conclusion. Even if you recognise you have a great team – the team can change, the business can expand, even if it’s uncomfortable or completely different.

Christine, the Principal of the school, calls it “following the energy of yes.”

And it is how the School ended up expanding to include classes for adults too!

“As soon as we announced you can register for adult classes –there have been registrations right away…Nothing happens that fast in creating in education normally!”

In truth, there is nothing normal about the Access Possibilities School – it is the first of its kind to exist.

I am so grateful I was able to have this radio show, as it shows how you can truly create beyond your imagination if you are willing to keep asking questions, keep changing, keep creating – and never give up.

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