We’ve all heard the saying, “Build it and they will come.” What is it about that that actually works?

I frequently talk to people who are eager to create some classes or events for their business. What I consistently see is the enthusiasm people start with as they make the initial choice, post the information on a website, perhaps create a bit of marketing, but the excitement putters out as soon as that part is done. They actually began destroying what they were creating. They aren’t truly committed to having the events come to fruition.

To build something, you have to commit to it. Otherwise it’s like leveling the foundation for a house but never putting up the walls. You can’t live there without seeing the whole process through. Choosing once isn’t enough; you have to keep choosing to truly build it, committing to the process, and being willing to do whatever it takes.

When you’re fully invested in creating something, that’s the invitation that gets people to show up. It’s you and your commitment that attracts people.

So what does it take to commit so that you can create what you know is possible?

1. Acknowledge where you already are committed.

Look around, what do you see?Whatever it is that you’re committed to is all around you.

Some people hear the word commitment and want to immediately run away. They have so many conclusions about what it means to commit or what they’ll have to do, that no wonder they want to escape. Little do they realize that they’re totally committed already–to their conclusions, judgments, and limitations.

Do you start things and fail to follow through? Are you constantly getting distracted? Those are the kinds of patterns people are committed to making as their life. When you acknowledge what you’re currently committed to, you get the freedom to choose something different.

You already know how to apply commitment. What will it take to apply that to the life and creations you prefer? It’s just a choice.

2. Let go of your vision of what has to be.

It is so fun to consider the possibilities with life and business. However, there’s a difference between perceiving what can be verses looking into a dream version you decide you have to have.

Seemingly ironically, one of the ways to expedite your creations is to let go of your hopes and dreams for them. When you do that, you’re no longer focused on some imaginary version, and can be present with each choice you make. You open the door for possibilities you hadn’t considered.

Letting go of what you’ve determined has to be, allows the expanse of what can be.

3. Follow what you know.

Have you ever considered the idea of simply asking, “Is it going to work or not?” This is different than concluding whether or not something will work. When you ask this question without conclusion, you access your own knowing. It’s not complicated; it’s just a yes or a no.

Following your knowing is where all those conclusions, definitions, and judgments can’t get in the way. There’s no room for the monkey mind that comes in and starts to ruin your creations. You just know.

Being willing to know what you know is a commitment to you, your life, and everything you’re creating. Ask the question and keep choosing.

4. Don’t make things significant.

You will definitely make choices that don’t go well sometimes, even when you really thought they would. So what?! It’s when you make those choices significant that you begin to pull away from your commitment.

Significance comes from judgment and conclusions. You’ve decided how things should or shouldn’t be and what it means about you or your ideas when they don’t work out. It’s a total trap. Don’t go there.

When you’re judging you, you’re not being committed to you. Let go of the judgment, go back to asking what will work, and follow what you know. There is no end to the choices you get to make.

For anything you create to be truly successful, you have to commit! When you’re fully committed, people will respond.

What else is possible when you commit? Practice these tips with every aspect of your life, living, and business and see what begins to show up! 



Simone Milasas is a lady who knows how to be a woman, who sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice you choose. Simone is the author of JOY OF BUSINESS and GETTING OUT OF DEBT JOYFULLY and travels the world facilitating seminars with Access Consciousness. You can find Simone every week on her podcast – The Art & Industry of Business & Living available on her website and iTunes.

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