The JOY of Business! What is that? What does it mean? Do you have JOY in business? Is it possible? Come and join author of Joy of Business, Simone Milasas and explore the infinite possibilities. In this reality people don't do business for the JOY of it, they do it from necessity. What if it could look different for you? What if you knew there was another possibility?

For Simone business is forever changing. It's about asking questions every moment, it's about not going to conclusion, judgement or answer about what your business looks like. Always being open to the infinite possibilities for the awareness to show up for you to receive the magic of you, the universe, money and business. It's not about being forceful or being right. What if everything you thought was right was wrong? And everything you thought was wrong was right? Would that create a change and twist in you and your business?

What if no one had an answer and there were only questions and allowance for information, possibilities and choices to show up? What if you got out of your own way? Do you know most businesses are destroyed by the people who created them? What if you chose to stop controlling what you have decided is right for your business? What else could show up?

What if business was about contribution, empowerment, ease, JOY, question and choice?

What else is possible?®

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