Welcome to two days of the adventure of business and living!

What is that? Well, what if you never gave in and never gave up and you were always creating? The way you think about your business (and your life) will either create it or diminish it.

This class will give you dynamic Access Consciousness tools to use in business and living that empower you to keep creating, to keep asking for the possibilities to show up that you have not yet asked for. Each choice you make creates an awareness. Have you made business only about money? What if there was a different possibility? If you make it all about money then you will limit the possibilities and creativity that can show up.

What if your financial reality was something you could increase with ease? How many revenue streams would you like to add to your life? How much money would you really like to be creating?

This class is for business owners, CEO's, employees, employers, men, women, anyone desiring to create more in their life and business.

Did you know that Joy of Business manuals are now available in other languages? We have French, German, Turkish, Hungarian, and Japanese right now.

"Business is creation and creation is business." Simone Milasas, Founder/Creator of Joy of Business

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Is het nu het juiste moment voor jouw droom met betrekking tot werken en leven? Zie jij wat er mogelijk is maar blijft het bij een droom?

Joy of Business classes bevrijden en ontsluiten echt alles wat jij nodig hebt om het leven te creëeren voorbij datgene waarvan jij het nog als onmogelijk ziet.

De Joy of Business classes die gegeven worden zitten bomvol verbale processen en clearings die je een grote hoeveelheid vrijheid, nieuw bewustzijn en mogelijkheden zullen aanreiken. Joy of Business is gecreëerd door de founder van Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas en Access worldwide coördinator Simone Milasas. Er vinden continu upgrades plaats met de laatste ontwikkelingen, de nieuwste processen en tools.

Het doel van de 101 en 102 JOB classes is om een katalysator te worden voor de verandering in de creatie van jouw leven, leren ontvangen en de ontvanger te zijn, beginnen met co-creatie en samenwerking met mensen en het jezelf toestaan om geld te hebben en te gebruiken voor grotere mogelijkheden.

Wat als het hebben van je eigen onderneming/werk met totaal gemak kan? Wat als werken vol plezier kan zijn? Wat als werken één groot avontuur zou mogen zijn?

Joy of Business classes opent naar ons een totaal nieuwe weg richting het creeren van een leven met “werk” precies zoals jij dat wenst.

Wat kan jij dan creëeren met je leven en je werk? Welke dingen en dromen worden er dan mogelijk. Wat wordt er mogelijk als jij ook met andere zou kunnen werken? Hoeveel geld zou je dan kunnen verdienen en hebben? Is dit het moment?

Joy of Business 101 & 102 classes in Emmeloord gefaciliteerd door Haris Omanovic, Advanced JCF.

Is now the time for adventure of business and living?

Joy of Business classes are totally unlocking you to create a life and business beyond anything you could ever imagined possible.

These are life-changing classes with enormous amount of incredible verbal processes that give you a way more freedom, new awarenesses and possibilities.

Joy of Business were created by founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and Access worldwide coordinator Simone Milasas and are continuously upgraded with the very latest processes and the tools.

The purpose of 101 and 102 JOB classes is to become the catalyst for change in creation of your life, open up for receiving, start co-create with people, allow yourselves to have money and start using money to create greater. What if business can be total ease? What if business can be total joy? What if business can be an adventure?

Joy of Business classes opens us up to a new way of creating life and business, your way!

What can you create in your life and business? What is possible to create with others? How much money could you have? Is now the time?

Joy of Business 101 & 102 classes in Emmeloord will be facilitated by Haris Omanovic, Advanced JCF.


TIME: 21 – 23 July 2017
10 AM – 6 PM
LOCATION: Emmeloord, Nederland
CONTACT: team@haris.si
HOST: Tamara Stegeman
+31653 687487
No prerequisites.




Haris Omanovic, Joy of Business and Access Consciousness certified facilitator, has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade with experiences in sales, marketing, media, services and finances. He has been in life-coaching and personal growth business for the last five years. Together with participants in his classes, personal sessions and on seminars all around the world, he is exploring what life can be, what we can be with our bodies, with other people, with this planet and what is more we can create. He is interested in unconceivable living and life beyond our imagination.

He encourages the participants of his classes to start living their life their way, to be the source of creating new and to start creating their own reality in all aspects of life.

His reason for becoming a Life-coach was to help people and to change the world. And now he is doing that because it is his biggest joy. His life is simply infinite exploring of the life itself, our unlimited capabilities and possibilities.

For him, the ‘Joy of Business’ classes are a way of being more of him and are an actualisation of dreams he never even dared to dream. Together with others all around the world, he is exploring, what joy of creating and living we can be.

What else can we be, that’s even beyond our imagination? Join us on an adventure of exploring magic of living.

World wide Price: 1200.00
Class Price: 1100 € is price for Holland
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