Most people have spent their lives having difficulty around money. Whether it is overspending, never having enough, always wanting more, or having too much - we create a lot of stress and frustration around money and personal finances. This specialty class allows you to get at the root of what is stopping you from having the money, wealth and abundance that is possible.

You will learn simple tools and strategies for changing your personal finances quickly and easily. What would you like to create as your financial reality? And what if it could be way beyond the one you grew up with or the limitations that you have decided are real?

Our financial realities are a foundation and source for decision, judgement, computation and conclusion in this reality. What if something else is possible? What if regardless of your current financial reality or the one you grew up in, you could clear the limitations you think you have, be (calmly) present with your finances, and choose to create a financial reality that works well for you? Sound different? What if you could be the easeful, informed, change agent and creative source for your life and living?

Let’s begin with some dynamic, pragmatic and fun steps for creating your own financial reality!

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*this class is part of a 3-part series with Maggie Schlarb, JCF*

Individual calls are $85 each or you can join all three calls for $225


Getting Out of Your Own Way with Business & Money – September 21

Creating Your Own Financial Reality – September 28

7 Easy Ways to Make Money – October 5

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Class Price: $85 or get 3 -part series for $225
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