Do you feel stuck in your work routine? Has your day on the job become ho-hum? Here are some pragmatic tools to add a renewed spring to your step and bring back the adventure of business.

One of the things I’ve noticed in many family businesses is the pressure people feel to continue working and to pass the business on to future generations. When you feel chosen by your family to work in the business, yet you haven’t done the choosing, it can create a feeling of being stuck. Other family members involved in the business often have expectations that you’ll work in it all your life which is then constantly projected on you. Where does that include you and what you’d like to create? Usually you’re not in the computation at all.

The energy of choosing to work in your family business, or in a particular industry, is completely different to being chosen. Choosing is way more fun and you have total choice with everything that occurs.

For yourself, take a look at whether you’ve been functioning from being chosen in your business. If so, there is a very effective and simple tool to change things. Start to look at all the places where you have made your business or job a necessity. Then ask questions like, what would it look like if I were choosing this job today? What would it look like if I were choosing this business or industry today?

Anytime you ask a question, you gain more awareness. The joy of business is about asking questions and being willing to change everything and choose everything. Every single day you have multiple choices. You don’t have to stick to the past. You can change it all the time, even if it means going against established ways of doing things. It’s your life, this is not a dry run ” you get to choose it, you get to create it, and it is allowed to be fun for you.

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