What if reading a book was actually an investment in your life that could pay off in ways you could never have imagined? Your life is your business! What if everything you chose was an investment in creating the future and life that you truly desire? What would you choose?

When I wrote the book “Joy Of Business”, I knew I making was an investment in creating a different possibility in the world. I didn’t write this book to make money, I realised that if I thought I was going to make lots of money from writing a book, I needed to change my point of view. Making money from the books would be great of course, and I knew that what I truly desired to create was an invitation to a different way of being and creating in business. I knew this book could open people up to the possibility of what I know business is – the adventure of living! What would the world be like if everyone knew that business could be everything they desired and that they could have more money show up than they ever thought possible?

Simone Milasas

Founder/Creator of Joy of Business

Joy of Business – The Bookclub facilitated by the Joy of Business Facilitators

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Chapter 1: How I Got Started in Business
Chapter 2: What Are You Willing to Receive?
Chapter 3: Doing Business Without Judgement
Chapter 4: Every Question Creates a Possibility
Chapter 5: Reality and Entrainment: Do You Believe Impossible Things?
Chapter 6: Humans and Humanoids:
Chapter 7: Getting a Million Things Done with Ease: Following the Energy
Chapter 8: You Are Not Your Business
Chapter 9: Targets vs. Goals: What Is Success to You?
Chapter 10: Be Willing to Change:
Chapter 11: Show Me the Money
Chapter 12: Inviting Money into Your Life
Chapter 13: Dealing with the Financials: Some Nuts and Bolts
Chapter 14: Connectors, Movers, Creators and Foundational People
Chapter 15: Hiring People for Your Business: Some Nuts and Bolts
Chapter 16: Empowerment vs. Micromanagement
Chapter 17: Deal and Deliver
Chapter 18: Trusting What You Know: And Getting the Information You Need
Chapter 19: Choosing for You
Chapter 20: Choose Awareness—Not Secret Agendas
Chapter 21: What Do People Require?
Chapter 22: Manipulation with Energy
Chapter 23: Do You Do Business Like a Man or a Woman?
Chapter 24: Be You and Change the World

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