One of the greatest ways to make your business joyful and fun, to stand out from the crowd, and to become wildly successful is to be you.  

Being you means having your reality, no matter what it looks like.  It means not buying into anyone else’s point of view.  When people are creating and generating a business, they often start by referencing what other people have done in similar businesses.  Rather than going with what they themselves know, they look at what has been done before, what has been successful and what has failed.

In business it’s important to trust what you know.  Who knows best?  Your accountant?  Your lawyer?  Someone in your industry?  No.  You do!  Imagine what your business would be like if you trusted you.  Would there be more money or less money?  Would there be more fun or less fun?  Do your family, friends or business partners tell you that you can’t be a multi-billionaire and have it all?  Do they project at you that you will never make it?  That you won’t be able to succeed?  Or do they project at you that you have too many businesses or projects going on at the same time?  You don’t have to buy these points of view.  You can have it all, you can succeed, you can make it, and you can have as many projects and businesses as you wish!  Trust me, you can!  You create your own reality and you create your own business.  When I was purchasing stock in India to sell in Australia, one of my suppliers told me I wouldn’t succeed because I was a women.  If I had believed him, I would not be where I am today.  That was his point of view.  What’s your point of view?  Know what is true for you.  Do not stop anything just because somebody says you can’t do it.

What is it you have been refusing to be that would create the change in the world that you know is possible?  Imagine the impact you could have on the world if you were willing to be you, follow the energy and open the doors to what’s possible?

Being successful in business is not about having the answers, reaching the ‘right’ conclusions, predicting what’s going to happen or trying to make certain things occur.  It’s about you being you and being in question.  You can awaken your business and your life when you ask questions, trust your knowing and develop your awareness of what else is possible.  Instead of going to answers, conclusions and decisions, ask questions and be willing to follow your awareness, be willing to follow what you know, and create a choice based on that.  When you’re vested in the outcome, there’s an answer or outcome you want and by focusing on that, you shut down your awareness of everything else.  If you can’t perceive, you cut off your knowing.  And if you cut off your knowing, you cut off your awareness and your presence, which is who and what you are.  You can’t be you.  And for success in business, it is essential that you be you!

On January 30th, I am facilitating the premier class of You Being You with Brendon Watt in Noosa, Australia.  Jonas Svensson, Megan Hill and Katarina Wallentin are also facilitating this premier class in various locations around the world, and live streamed in your own home.  Dr Dain Heer, author of You Being You, Changing The World, created these classes based on the book and the tool-box of Access Consciousness.  Is now the time to be what and who you actually came here to be?  Visit for details.


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What else is possible?

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Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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