As those of you who know me are aware, I’m usually sitting behind my computer, working, while listening to class. At the Access Consciousness™ Facilitator’s classes there’s no bodywork, no bars – it’s be present! If you are going to be a Facilitator you need to be able to do that for five days without actually getting body work done during class. So Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness ™ asked me on the first day to stop working. I was like a petulant little five year old, so annoyed. I felt like I had had my arms tied behind my back, I was “trying” to be’ interesting point of view’ about not being able to work in class. I’m so grateful for the 10 years that I’ve known Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. It’s like all these places I resist, there ends up being a huge amount of change and for me there was. I didn’t work for the rest of the day and I asked a load of questions. What I realised was, I had been making work a necessity rather than a choice. Gary said, “I’d like you to contribute a certain energy, and I’d like you to contribute that energy to the class and to me.” And I couldn’t get what that was, because I knew that I had all these projects that I was working on and I had the point of view they’re not going to get done, etc. We started looking at the place of doing work and doing projects and doing business from necessity rather than choice and it’s created so much more ease for me and it was a huge contribution to the whole class in Rome. It’s a fine line between the Joy of Business and the necessity of business. So would you be willing to ask: Am I doing this from necessity or am I doing it from choice? The thing is, you can change the necessity into a choice – it’s a matter of asking to change everywhere I’ve made business, or to do with starting a business, etc. a necessity rather than a choice. If you find it has the energy of necessity, ask – What would it take to change this into choice? Because when you make it a necessity, it becomes something you have to resent and resist. Not something you have a choice for. You can’t actually have the joy of business, and you can’t be the joy of business and you can’t create and generate more if you are functioning from necessity. From the March 2012 Business Done Differently telecall. If you’d like to totally change your possibilities with money and business, join us for the telecalls to receive the clearings and a whole lot more!

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