If you are considering having outside investors in your business as a way of making more money there’s three questions you need to ask – of them, you and the business! Firstly, are you willing to lose the money that other people may invest in your business? This may sound a little crazy, but you have to be willing to lose everything. You have to be willing to lose the entire business. It doesn’t mean failing. The ability to lose something is knowing and acknowledging that you actually have it and it’s not a loss. It’s just the willingness for it not to be there or for it to go away. What if you had no attachment to your business? Would that free up the energy to create and generate a whole lot more money instead of worrying about losing money? Secondly, is your investor investing in the business or investing in you because they believe in you? What sort of energy is this creating? How much pressure are their expectations about financial returns going to put you under? Are you willing to have a talk with your potential investors about risk? Have you done a risk assessment that you can use to base the discussion on? What else is required to change the energy with having investment as a way to make money in your business? Thirdly, is receiving investment from this person actually going to expand my business? Does it make you feel lighter or heavier to receive investment? If you receive this investment, what could it create in the future? Is there anyone else available who could contribute something even greater? (There is always another possibility!) (link to blog post with light/heavy tool) Investors can be great for a business that is willing to expand and make a lot more money! From the February 2012 Business Done Differently telecall. Join us for the telecalls

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