In business there is a lot of talk about the bottom line and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. With the development of technology and the easy access to connecting with others, there is no real end to the business day.

The challenge is that health issues affect the bottom line for businesses and the employees.   There is a lack of consideration of one’s health and wellness when whatever it takes to get the job done is today’s predominant mindset.

Our body is constantly giving us information; it can start with gentle signs and if ignored, it can turn into more severe problems. Some of the symptoms of work stress include having a short temper, high blood pressure, heartburn, lower back, knee pain, diabetes, constipation, and progress to insomnia, stiffness the inability to get out of bed easily, and in some cases heart attacks.

There are five tools you can immediately incorporate into your work life to increase your health and the bottom line.  Read Laleh’s 5 points in here



A life-long entrepreneur, the CEO of Belapemo, Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock dedicates her career and personal life to inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations who desire to exponentially grow their lives and their businesses.

What makes Laleh and the resources at Belapemo unique is their ability to partner with their clients to turn every scenario or challenge from “that is impossible” to “everything is possible”. The mountain may, at first, appear intimidating; however, once you realize the mountain is not more significant than you then it can be overcome and conquered. The next question will be what else is possible that you have not even imagined?

Bringing more than 25 years of experience building top-notch and successful consulting firms, services organizations and product companies, Laleh understands firsthand the critical elements that are required to proactively create a growing business while responding to the needs of the expanding and competitive marketplace.

To find out more about Laleh Hancock and her upcoming classes go here. 

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