According to a recent survey, entrepreneurs regard themselves overwhelmingly as visionaries, with an ability to see beyond the horizon and accomplish lofty goals. However, leadership coach and Joy of Business facilitator, Kerry Garner Venter warns that most entrepreneurs are more limited than they would believe. She is on a mission to help business owners recognise the unconscious boundaries they abide by, and teach them how to approach business in truly limitless ways.

“The borders on our planet don’t actually exist – they are arbitrary lines that our society has created – and yet we all acknowledge and adhere to these limits. The same is unfortunately true in business. Even individuals who believe themselves to be truly visionary or limitless will function, to some degree, within the boundaries of what they think is possible or credible.”

The boundaries of Kerry’s life dissolved at the age of ten, when a near death experience left her with an unusual, and expanded, view of life. As an adult, she spent years researching and exploring beyond the frontiers of conventional knowledge – studying various healing modalities, consciousness and cutting edge science – and she lived a borderless existence for many years, working and residing between South Africa, Australia and the USA.

Through these experiences, Kerry learned the importance of confronting self-imposed boundaries. She suggests the following tips for entrepreneurs wanting to venture beyond the limits of what is considered possible in business in Home Business Magazine


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