On my weekly OMTimes radio show, I recently invited Brendon Watt, Jonas Svensson, Megan Hill and Katarina Wallentin to discuss what it means to be you.  We had such an expansive conversation around greater possibilities, beating fear, relationships, sex, and parenting.  

You can listen to the replay and read about our favourite tools for remaining yourself, regardless of what other people say or do.  

When Jonas is willing to be himself he perceives there are possibilities that he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t willing to; they just seem to appear or get created.  

Jonas Svensson:  I have learned over the years that what I am being is defining and creating what possibilities show up.  My favourite question to ask is,

‘What am I not willing to be, that if I was willing to be that would create a different possibility?’

One thing Brendon realised about himself whilst heli skiing in Telluride, Colorado, recently was that nothing was going to stop him.  

Brendan Watt:  It is about not giving up.  Those things in your life that you wish to be or do, you just have to do them.  It is about putting one foot in front of the other and just going for it and not having this place of fear being real, or what other people think of you as being real.  Whilst heli skiing, every time fear would come up, I just keep saying, ‘You are not going to stop me’.  

Megan found that she wasn’t being herself in relationship and when things didn’t go the ‘right’ way she was devastated.  There are so many expectations and projections about what a relationship should be like.  What if you were willing to be totally different?

Megan Hill:  I used to seek the romance and the ‘happily ever after’ in relationships and kept trying to get it ‘right’ by this reality’s standards.  To become more myself I found that asking the following question was a real game changer for me.  

‘If I could create a relationship that truly worked for me based on nothing that ever existed before, what would I choose and what would I create?’

As a single mum, Katarina used to try to do everything ‘right’ by reading every single book on parenting.  She finally got that she didn’t have to buy everybody else’s point of view and started uncreating and destroying everything she had bought about being ‘right’ in parenting from someone else.  

Katarina Wellentin:  There have been times when my daughter has been a ‘brat’ and I tell her that this really doesn’t work for me and that something has to change.  Then she has a choice to change and we can look at what will work for both of us.  It is not about what is honouring for my daughter or for me, it is about what is honouring for both of us.  Now she tells me when things don’t work for her.  One of the really amazing tools for me that changed everything in the way I parented, and also in my life, was simply asking,

‘What will work for us?  What will honour both of us in this situation?’

You can listen to the entire replay of this show by clicking HERE. 

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