A Note From Joy of Business
404 Ooooh! That’s not good.

Please select the appropriate response from the list below:

I'm trying to register for the How to Become Money Workbook Series

Oops! We sent a bum link in the email! Click here to register.

1. I’m a Tech geek

404 error, the algorithm broke (let us know please.)

2. I'm not sure what’s going on

Don’t worry it’s not you, it’s us. Honest.

3. This always happens to me, I always get these pages

Yes, it does. Yes, you do.

4. Must have Irish blood in me

its midday somewhere in the world, time for a drink.

5. Consolation prize! Open me anyway

Sorry we’re not sorry, but we’ll use anything to give you a gift 😉
Here’s a hint for how to retrieve your prize: Look down to the bottom grey section… see that big fancy red text saying “Put the FUN back in your business”? Dare you to fill that out and see what happens 😉

Please try to do what you were doing before, and if the problem persists, we suggest #4
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