Does it seem like you are always working but never really getting anywhere? Australians are reported to work the longest hours in the developed world. But what if it’s not about working hard? You could get a million things done with ease, and handle everything in your life, using these pragmatic tools.

1. Throw away your To-Do List

Have you been writing a To-Do list as a way of creating your day — and never finishing it? Or perhaps your day is based on your children’s school routine, meetings, handling emails and phone calls, or all of the above. What if you could create a day that works for you and not feel overloaded?

When I wake up, the first thing I do is start asking questions. One of my favourite questions is: who or what requires me today? Each month I have between four and 12 projects, so there’s always a lot going on. I look for what’s energetically screaming for my attention and make that my priority.

Routine tasks are a necessary part of the day. Making your children’s school lunches may not be particularly exciting but it is a contribution to your daily life. I love doing mundane tasks like sorting my emails. It is incredibly satisfying not to have 500–600 emails sitting in my in box. Not only do I feel like I’m on top of things, I also have the space to create more. It’s about knowing what is required for that very moment. Sometimes going through emails or messages actually contributes to the bigger picture.

2. What’s really urgent?

If you work with people who have a level of urgency about what they want, look at whether it will contribute to your business. Some people are a massive contribution and it could be in your best interests to attend to them straight away. When someone is being a prima donna, that’s not the energy I jump to. With them, I’d see if there’s a different way to do things. Is somebody else better placed to do what they need? Ask a question but it depends on the individual situation.

Don’t make other people’s expectations sweep you away. What you choose and create is valuable. Stay present with your life, your business and your money flows and you will get more done than you ever thought possible.

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