Christmas, The Season of Gifting! If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, rest assured you are not alone. Australians are notoriously laid back when it comes to being organised for the festive season. Over in America, a recent study by found that 14 percent had started shopping before October while two percent had finished it all! Today the shopping space is more likely to be online than the hurly burly of arcades and malls. Wherever you shop, as the day looms nearer, the pressure to tick off your list can lead to impulse buying; spending more than you plan to, and creating future pain with credit card debt.

If you dread Christmas shopping here are some ways to put more joy into the Season of Gifting.

Season of Gifting Tip #1 – What’s perfect anyway?

Ever felt like you had to get the perfect gift for your husband, wife, child, parent, girlfriend… What is perfect? Perfect is a judgement; it’s how you set yourself up for failure. Every time you judge something, it creates a separation between you and the other person and also between you and money. What if you approached your gift list by asking questions? A question will always create more. Here are some examples: what gift can my husband receive? What would be fun for him? What else is available that I’ve never considered? Don’t discount any ideas you get. If you have never asked these questions before, you — and they — might be pleasantly surprised.

Season of Gifting Tip #2 – Give up the ghost of Xmas past

There is something called the give and take the program which means there always has to be an exchange. It’s almost like an invisible ledger. Last Christmas Sally bought you expensive champagne, but you spent less on her gift. Do you have to make up for it this year? What if your pleasure at receiving a lovely gift was all the reward Sally required? Letting go of Christmases past is much more expansive than gifting from obligation. You can then choose to embody generosity of spirit, and the universe will pay you back a thousandfold, provided you are willing to receive it.

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