Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut, not getting your work done due to distractions in your home? Or perhaps you are longing for different scenery for work, but not sure where to go?

Did you know that changing up your scenery can get you more engaged and more productive? Yes, it can!! Here are 3 easy ways to take your home business away from your home to create a more productive day for you and your business!

  • Explore Local Venues (i.e. coffee shops) There are so many people working home business these days, and often times you may feel alone. Find a local coffee shop or venue where you can sit down for the morning or afternoon, do the work that needs to get done AND be social. It will boost your energy to be amongst other go-getters, and you might even meet a potential client while you are there. And be sure to post on social media that you #shoplocal; it’s sure to boost your social media game!


  • Take yourself somewhere secluded. For many of us, there are a multitude of ways of people can communicate with us, in any moment of each day. Can you say distraction? If you are looking for some time to focus and get some work done without distraction, take yourself somewhere where you might not know anybody and turn off all alerts on your phone and computer. If you don’t require the internet, even better. Where can you take you, your computer, and your ideas to sit down and work without any distractions? When you take yourself away from all the alerts and distractions of modern day technology, you can accomplish a lot! When you take yourself away from the usual distractions, you will accomplish more.


  • Grab a treat – reward yourself as you work outside of your home and get your work done faster. If you have a deadline, or a monster task that just doesn’t seem to get done at home, ask yourself “Where can I go to get this done with speed and ease?” Also ask, “What can I add to this task that will make it more fun?” Commit to yourself that you will stay where you are until your task is done, no matter how much you want to leave. When I have a task to get done that isn’t all that fun and I can’t seem to get it done from home, one of my favorite things to do is to go to a local restaurant, grab a coffee and my favorite treat and sit myself down for the long haul. Many of us have been taught that we have to wait until we have done our work to get the prize or treat. What would it create if you treated yourself while you were accomplishing that big daunting task? Stay focused, stay where you are and get that task done. When you are finished you will be grateful you did!

No matter what you choose, pick a destination that is fun, energizing and makes you want to stay and get your work done. If you need to set up a reward for yourself, do so. We all need a little motivation sometime.

Remember, taking your home business away from the home can and will create more space for you to be more production. Changing up the scenery can open up new energies and in turn it will grow your productivity and bottom line!


Read Maggie Emersons original article in Home Business Magazine here. 


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