Ever wonder what sets highly successful people apart? I’ve polled countless executives and entrepreneurs about the things they’re doing every day which give them an edge, and it’s not rocket science. In fact, often they credit simple daily routines which have been proven over time to give them an edge. Check out these quotes from 25 high-achieving individuals who talk about some of the habits which help them get ahead in business and life.


Take care of your body every day.


heather“When I don’t move my body in a way that I enjoy, my business suffers, and I become less productive and a lot less creative. If I make sure I get some movement or exercise in every day, I am more focused, happy and engaged. This is non-negotiable time that I add to my calendar, and I don’t schedule meetings on top of it. I travel a lot for my business, so I have a membership at a yoga studio that I can go to in other cities.”

Heather Nichols, JCF, entrepreneur, business expert, and transformational coach who helps other entrepreneurs create successful businesses.




Forget about yesterday.


laleh“The past is for the history books. Before getting out of bed, I put everything that was said and done the day before in the history book and ask, ‘Now what is available for me to choose today?’ This way I can be the one who controls if and when the history book is opened. The choice is mine–move forward or go back. My experience has been that most people spend majority of their time focusing on yesterday instead of looking ahead and creating something new.”

–Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock, JCF, CEO of Belapemo, a professional services company specializing in operational excellence, change management and leadership development for individuals, Fortune 500 executives, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, athletes and veterans.



To read the full article in Inc.com go here for the 26 daily habits high achieving executives and entrepreneurs swear by for their success.  


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