“Over 70% of US workers surveyed in Gallup poll either hate their jobs or are completely disengaged.” NY Daily News reported.

What about you? If you were part of the survey what would you say?

Are you part of the more than 70% that don’t like their job? What if most people deep inside actually enjoy their jobs? There is something that attracted them to it in the first place! Consider this: there are many other jobs you could have chosen from all sorts of different industries and you chose this one. It may just be that you are not enjoying the other things that come along with your job, such as the office politics, roadblocks to implementing change, or picking up on other people’s stress levels, etc.

The first step to having clarity on what is working or not is to not lump everything into one statement and acknowledge what is really going on. When you acknowledge, you allow more awareness for creative ideas and solutions.

Read Laleh Hancock’s full article in Medium with tools and tips you can easily use, to become aware of what you actually do enjoy and to start acknowledging when these things occur in your work, business, or in your personal life.

Laleh has built dynamic teams that specialize in empowering individuals and organizations to increase efficiency and promote growth; to create new divisions or service lines; and to discover overlooked opportunities to create a sustainable culture that values, rewards, and challenges each employee to achieve their maximum potential. Whether Laleh and her teams are partnering with a Fortune 500 company to create $14M in savings, facilitating an entrepreneur around the globe to create a business or increase revenue, or providing tools on greater wellness in their lives, Laleh and Belapemo resources are determined to do whatever it takes to empower their clients to not only reach but exceed their desired targets.

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